Walking Past

This website will host four self-guided walks to help you explore, enjoy and understand these two fascinating suburbs of Shrewsbury. Currently, two walks are available and two more are nearing completion. The walks, with stops, each take approximately between an hour and a half and two hours.

The walks are loosely based on the following topics:

Walk 1 – Water, Road and Rail

Walk 2– Education, Religion and Correction

Walk 3 – Shopping, Recreation and Housing

Walk 4 – Work, Industry and Trade – soon to be completed

A fifth walk – ‘Wartime Castlefields and Ditheringtion’ may be created in due course

Each walk has a downloadable map, directions, historical notes, photographs and recordings of local people. These recordings can be listened to either via a PC at home by clicking on the (icon) or, if you have access to a Smart phone or similar device you can point it at the relevant QR code in the text. Your phone will find the recording on the website and you can then listen to the recorded pieces ‘on location’.